SEAL Strong is a Florida Nonprofit Corporation 501(c)(3).


Navy SEALs are some of the best trained teams in the world. We apply and adapt the same training principles we went through for sports teams, schools and groups. Our instructors teach the mindset that is needed to be a winner and to never quit.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Our Team.

Our cadre of instructors (each a trained Navy SEAL) share their experiences of training and teach lessons on acquiring the proper winning mindset to motivate your team. We even photograph and video the training so your team can replay and relive the experience

Over 2,000 Served.

We have been training teams, groups and individuals for almost 10 years. Our 36-Hour Challenges were hailed as the most authentic “hell-week’ like experiences in the country. Proudly, some of our past attendees are in the Teams today. We have trained college basketball, soccer, golf and tennis teams, high school football teams, as well as elementary and middle school kids. 4 – 12 Hour Training Sessions available. Fee is determined by location and number of attendees.

How We Work.

We design the training sessions specifically for each group we work with. It might be sport-specific or geared towards building a stronger team bond. We’ll go over your need with you before we begin. After that, we like to keep the sessions fluid and responsive to the group.

Do you encourage participation in commercial Navy SEAL training camps?

Naval Special Warfare is aware that there are “SEAL training camps” available in the commercial sector, some of which promote themselves as beneficial for candidates who are preparing for SEAL training.

While there are many different ways to prepare physically and mentally for the rigors of training, there is no affiliation between Naval Special Warfare and any of the “SEAL training camps” or “SEAL preparation programs” available commercially. None of these commercial programs are pre-requisites for SEAL or SWCC training and NONE are endorsed by Naval Special Warfare or the U.S. Navy.

For more information visit the official website of the Navy

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